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Advertising intelligence to help you stay ahead of the competition

In today’s complex and crowded media landscape, consumers have access to more content across more platforms than ever before. To stay ahead, businesses need reliable advertising intelligence to develop efficient media strategies and differentiate themselves from their competitors. But how can you possibly monitor rival brand advertising activity across platforms without turning a 40-hour workweek into a 60-hour workweek?

We’re here to help. Nielsen Ad Intel and Ad Intel International are the most comprehensive source of competitive U.S. and global advertising data available today. Our platform enables advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad platforms to monitor ad activity across TV, audio, digital (including search and social in select markets), print, out of home and cinema. Ad Intel helps customers navigate the crowded media landscape with actionable insights to identify prospects, analyze brand strategies and learn from past advertising campaigns to plan for the next.


Ad Intel: Navigate crowded categories with actionable competitive advertising intelligence

Spend monitoring

Ad spend monitoring

Uncover when and how your competitors allocate advertising budget by company, category or platform across multiple media types and countries.

Creative Intelligence

Platform identification

Understand advertising performance across creative and social media activity through reporting dashboards and daily email alerts.

Competitive benchmarks

Competitive benchmarks

Leverage competitive and industry benchmarks to understand advertising seasonality and share of voice.

Ad Intel International: In a world of information overload, get clarity on your global competitors advertising activity

Spend Extensive Coverage

Empower your strategy and stay ahead of the game with a global view of advertising intelligence – for both spend and creatives.

Expert Data Harmonization

Get a one harmonized view of data so that you can easily run your analysis on a consistent basis and in a comparable way across markets

Global Insights

Gain a wider understanding of competitor communications and the marketing landscape, via consultancy and strategic analysis of ad spend, creative, social communications, online buzz and broader trends.

Use cases

Competitive intelligence for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad platforms

Audience targeting for advertisers and agencies

Advertisers and agencies

Identify advertising opportunities across platforms by understanding where, when and how much your competitors are spending on media.

Answer critical questions like:

• How much do my competitors spend on advertising, locally or internationally?
• Which channels are my competitors advertising on?
• Is there advertising seasonality in my category?

Audience targeting for media owners

Publishers, broadcasters, and platforms

Negotiate rates with advertisers more effectively by understanding what your competitors are charging and what your share is in a prospect’s media strategy.

Answer critical questions like:

• How much do my competitors’ ads cost?
• Who is spending the most with my competitors?
• How does my market share compare across channels?


Unparalleled coverage for all of your advertising intelligence needs

Ad Intel International provides clarity on global competitive advertising activities for both ad spend and creatives for over 90 markets, via a combination of Nielsen Ad Intel and third-party data providers. Our harmonized data taxonomy offers a truly global view of cross-market comparisons.

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